Current Animation WIP:
-Personal project for portfolio.
-Still requiring later segment poses, facial/secondary animations, and polish passes.
Run Cycle (WIP 2):
-Run cycle 1 of 3. Wanting more polish, and will blend with the other 2 cycles.
Athlete Run Test:
-Experimented with a 6-frame run. Wanted to keep some level of reality while also pushing limits.
Run Cycle (WIP):
-Blending two run cycles into one, with a falloff animation at the end.
11 Second Club - May 2016 - Timothy Muller:
-My submission to the 11 Second Club's May, 2016 competition.
-Finished 39th place out of 205 participants (link below).
Character Animation Demo Reel - Timothy Muller - August 2016:
-My current character animation reel.